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Beowulf Resources

Electronic Beowulf -
electronic colour facsimile of Beowulf, Prof. Kevin Kiernan [Uni. of Kentucky]

Wikipedia page on Beowulf - encyclopaedia entry - with hyperlinks etc.; entries in various languages (e.g., English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Esperanto etc.)

Beowulf @ Uni. of Nevada (Reno) Libraries - good introduction to Beowulf [Uni. of Nevada (Reno)]

Wuffing Kingdom of East Anglia -
Dr Sam Newton's site on the Wuffing royals, East Anglia, Sutton Hoo & Beowulf (w/ many good photos) [Uni. of East Anglia]

Beowulf: study guide - self-quiz, books, web-resources [R. Liuzza, Tulane Uni.]
Uni. of Kentucky Beowulf-resources - resources for class ENG619 [K. Kiernan, Uni-Kentucky]

Cambridge Encyclopedia entry for "Beowulf" -
    Scandinavian Traditions; Personality of the Hero; Origin & Antiquity of the Poem; &c., &c.
Norton -- Linguistic & Literary Contexts of Beowulf: an overview -
    Beowulf in the canon of Eng. Lit. [Norton Anthology of Eng. Lit. Online]
Louis Rodrigues's intro to Beowulf - 'What is Beowulf?' [@ jagular.com]
Seamus Heaney's introduction to Beowulf - reproduced from Heaney's trans. [Norton online]

Net-Lexicon.de: Beowulf - Definition, Bedeutung, Erkl├Ąrung im Lexikon (auf deutsch) [German]
Beowulf @ Susning.nu: Ber├Ąttelse - introduktion (i Svensk) [Swedish]
Beowulf - innledning - innledning p├ą norsk [Norwegian]
Beowulf - door Boppo Grimsma - goede introductie in Nederlandze [Dutch]
Beowulf (tiscali.nl) - nog een introductie in Nederlandze [Dutch]
Antenate: Beowulf - l'introduzione (nell'italiano) [Italian]

'Why Read Beowulf'? - article by Robert Yeager [National Endowment for the Humanities, US Gov't]
Why Bother with Beowulf? - by Melissa Snell [@About.com]
Charles W. Kennedy's intro. to Beowulf: the Oldest English Epic - excerpt [January Magazine]
Beowulf: Outline and Notes [Jonathan A. Glenn / Uni. of Central Arkansas]
The ORB: Introduction to Beowulf - basic intro. [Teresa P. Reed / Orb.net]

Some Thoughts on Reading Beowulf - online lecture [Lynn Harry Nelson, Uni. of Kansas]
Brunswick Eng. Class Beo. page - high-school level questions & resources [Brunswick Sch., Connecticut, USA]
Fu Jen Uni. Beowulf page - notes, resources & study questions [Fu Jen Uni., Taiwan]
Angelcynn: Historical Background of Beowulf - some notes [Ben Levine, Angelcynn.org.uk]
Beowulf Splash Page - some info & images [Brian Kinkead, Uni. of Tennessee]
Unity of Beowulf: Tolkien & the Critics - online essay on the essential coherency of the poem [Bill Ramey]
Alliteration.net's page on Beowulf - excerpts of trans. & links
Legends.dm page on Beowulf - brief intro. & links
Bulfinch's Mythology: Beowulf - very basic entry at extremely easy reading-level
Beowulf Rap-Port - connecting Contemporary Youth to Old English poetry; OE poetry & rap-music

Beowulf, König Schild, Hrodgar - Beitragen [auf deutsch]
Altenglisch-Beowulf @ Uni-Basel - [auf deutsch]

Old English Newsletter Online Bibliography - searchable version of the annual OEN bibliography
Beowulf Bibliography, 1963-2001 [Uni. of Memphis Libraries (Tennessee)] - link not working
Beowulf Bibliography, 1979-2001 [Uni. of Connecticut] - link not working
Beowulf Bibliography, 1990-2003 [Uni. of Kentucky]
another Beowulf Bibliography [Jonathan A. Glenn / Uni. of Central Arkansas]
Anglo-Saxon Studies: a Select Bibliography
   (3rd ed.) [C.P. Biggam, Bocget├Žl Engliscra Gesi├ża / BUBL (Strathclyde Uni., Glasgow)]

Beowulf Artwork [@ heorot.dk] & links

Beowulf Read Aloud - audio renderings
  in Old English/Anglo-Saxon:
     Benjamin Slade reads Beowulf in Old English - selected passages, my own readings in the original language [@ Jagular.com-Beowulf]
     Peter Baker reads Beowulf in Old English - selected passages in the original language [Uni. Virginia]
     Stephen Pollington reads Beowulf in Old English (Scyld Scefing's funeral) - selected passage in the original language [├Éa Engliscan Gesi├żas]
     B. Bagby's Beowulf info on performances (no audio online)
     B. Bagby's Beowulf, programme notes

  in Modern English (translation):
     Stephen Pollington reads Beowulf in translation - Scyld Scefing's funeral read from the Gummere translation [├Éa Engliscan Gesi├żas]
     Seamus Heaney reads Beowulf in translation - selected passages read from Heaney's own translation [Norton Online]

 Listings of Beowulf Readings available on CD (Compact Disc) - list & links to buy

Beowulf Music
The Water Burns - classical/Chinese music, inspired by Beowulf, composed by Joyce Beetuan Koh

Beowulf Films
Beowulf & Grendel - upcoming movie filmed on south coast of Iceland (Sturla Gunnarsson)
The Blade of the King - another Beowulf movie (William Blesch)

Other Beowulf editions & translations

Annotated List of Beowulf Translations - from 1800-present day
Beowulf: Two Centuries of Translations, Paraphrases & Adaptations - intro. to above list of Beo. trans.
  [Marijane Osborn / Arizona Center for Medieval Studies & Renaissance Studies, Arizona State Uni.]

Syd Allan's Beowulf site - alternative Beowulf translations compared

Kiernan's Edition of Beowulf -
    Old English text (only) edition, based on Prof. Kiernan's important re-examination of the Beowulf MS. [Uni.-Kentucky]
Köberl's dual-language (OE & mod. Eng.) edition -
    Dr. J. Köberl's ed. & trans. (Adobe .PDF file) [Uni.-Klagenfurt]
Project Gutenberg's Beowulf - Harris & Sharp -
    online version of Harris & Sharp's 4th critical edition (1883)
Beowulf in Hypertext - public domain OE text, Gummere translation, edited by Dr. Anne Savage [McMaster Uni.]
Interlinear Beowulf - OE public domain text with interlinear translation (Gummere), [Uni. of Toronto]
Prose Beowulf trans. by Child - in Adobe .pdf format [Clarence Griffin Child, York Uni.]
Beowulf auf deutsch - OE text (Bolton/Wrenn) with facing German translation, [Uni-Düsseldorf]
Beowulf in Nederlandze - proza - Dutch prose translation by Jan Jonk [in Dutch]
Beowulf in Nederlandze - stafrijm - Dutch verse translation by Jan Jonk [in Dutch]
Beowulf in Russian - Russian translation only
Beowulf en español - traduccíon de Luis Lerate
Beowulf, a new verse translation by Seamus Heaney - excerpts & reviews
Beowulf 'aesthetic' translation - Tim Romano's artful (but expurgated) translation (in progress)-new English translation only, no OE

Beowulf: el despertar de la épica germánica - con extractos de la traducción de Luis y Jesús Lerate [español]

Beowulf: An Online Introduction - issues of modern eds. & trans. [L. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman College]

Other Old English Texts & Anglo-Saxon Literary resources
(in progress)

Partial Listing of OE texts available online (heorot.dk)

Old English Text Archive - onsite OE texts, and links to other sites hosting OE poems [Georgetown Uni.]
Old English Editions online - e-texts [Med. Inst.]
Old English Manuscripts Database [John Herrington, Georgetown Uni.]
some Old English texts, with hyperlink glossary [Norwegian Uni. Science & Tech.]

Old English Literature (Intro & Resources) - good overview material [Dr. Scott DeGregorio, Uni. of Michigan-Dearborn]
Bifrost - anglosassone -
   risorse di vario tipo per quanto riguarda l'Inghilterra del periodo anglosassone [Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Universit├á di Torino]

ORB Introduction to Beowulf [Teresa Reed, the-ORB.net]
ORB Introduction to Judith [Teresa Reed, the-ORB.net]
ORB Introduction to the Exeter Book [Laura Blanchard & Carolyn Schriber, the-ORB.net]
ORB Introduction to the Junius Manuscript [Laura Blanchard & Carolyn Schriber, the-ORB.net]
ORB Introduction to the Vercelli Book [Laura Blanchard & Carolyn Schriber, the-ORB.net]

Useful bibliography for Old English Literature
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture -
   [Western Michigan Uni. Medieval Center]

Using Computer Technology to Teach Medieval Texts [Kathryn Wymer, Uni. N. Carolina]

Old English & Old Germanic language/linguistic resources

Old English Newsletter (OEN) -
   quarterly publication - news on teaching & research in the field of Anglo-Saxon studies
    [Medieval Inst., Western Michigan Uni.]

Old English Bibliography: the First Fifty Titles to Know About - good listing [James Earl/Kip Wheeler; Carson-Newman College]

The Electronic Introduction to Old English - An on-line analogue of book of same title (Peter S. Baker, Uni. of West. Michigan)
Old English Grammar, Uni of Sydney - Sydney (Australia)
Old English: an introductory course (online) -
   complete text [Murray McGillivray, Uni. of Calgary / the-Orb.net]
Old English Paradigms - useful tables of OE noun, verb, pronoun, adjective paradigms [K. Kiernan, Uni.-Kentucky]
King Alfred's Grammar - Old English language resource [Michael Drout, Wheaton College]
Old English Made Easy - grammar resources & dictionary
Online Old English Course - Uni. Calgary - Dr. Jenny McKenney's Online OE course [Uni. of Calgary]
Altenglisch online - lernen altenglisch (auf deutsch) [Guillaume Schiltz, Uni-Basel]
Hwaet! Old English in Context - Dr. Catherine Ball's online OE course, with audio files [Georgetown Uni.]
Old English Aerobics - another online OE course [Uni. of Virginia]
Instant Old English - an OE phrase-book by Dr. Ball [Georgetown Uni.]
Folcspræc - Old English names and other resources
Conversational Old English - more OE phrases by Mary K Savelli

Dictionary of Old English Project -
   project for a new, exhaustive OE dictionary & corpus (Angus Cameron et al.) [Centre for Medieval Studies, Uni-Toronto]

Bosworth & Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - massive dictionary of Old English (1898)
  Bosworth's main dictionary scanned image files [K. Kiernan, Uni-Kentucky / digitalisation by S. Crist]
  Toller's supplement to dictionary scanned image files [K. Kiernan, Uni-Kentucky / digitalisation by S. Crist]

Bright's Anglo-Saxon Glossary (OE->NE) - short glossary of OE [Uni. of Pennsylvania]
Old English Glossary-Sydney [Uni. of Sydney (Australia)]
A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - scanned image files, John R. Clark Hall [Uni-Pennsylvania]
OE -> Modern English dictionary [OE Made Easy] - (J.R. Johnson)
Altenglisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old English->German dictionary) altenglisch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Variant Word/Phrase Search (Dictionary of Old English) - [DOE, Uni. of Toronto]
Modern English to Old English Glossary - New English to Old English dictionary [Memorial Uni. of Newfoundland]
Modern English -> OE dictionary [OE Made Easy] - (J.R. Johnson)
Circolwyrde Wordhord - Prof. Carl Berkhout's (post)modern OE calques
(ie 'random access memory' in OE) [Uni. of Arizona]
Old English Flash Cards 1 - 1500 words (340K PDF) [York Uni. (Canada)]
Old English Flash Cards 2 - 1500 words in 10th century script (360K PDF) [York Uni. (Canada)]

Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic - Old Norse->English; Geir T. Zo├źga (1910) [Sean Crist et al, Northvegr.org]
Heyne's Gothic Dictionary - Gothic->Deutsch [Uni-Pennsylvania]
Old High German Glossary - Old High German->modern English (Joseph Wright 1888) [Sean Crist, Uni-Pennsylvania]
Altfriesisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old Frisian->German dictionary) altfriesisch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Althochdeutsches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old High German->German dictionary) - althochdeutsch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Altniederfr├Ąnkisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old Low Frankish->German dictionary) - altniederfr├Ąnkisch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Altnordisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old Norse->German dictionary) - altnordisch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Alts├Ąchsisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Old Saxon->German dictionary) - alts├Ąchsisches->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]
Gotisches W´┐Żrterbuch (Gothic->German dictionary) - gotisch->deutsch [Gerhard K´┐Żbler]

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language - Appendix: Indo-European Roots
   Indo-European & the Indo-Europeans - introductory essay [Calvert Watkins]
   Indo-European Family of Languages - chart of linguistic affinities of the IE-languages
   Guide to App. I: Indo-European Roots of English [Calvert Watkins] - how to use the IE-root glossary (see below entry)
   Indo-European Root Index - index of IE-root forms [Calvert Watkins]
Online Etymological Dictionary - useful free online etymological dictionary, for modern English [Douglas Harper]

Fordsmender's Dictionary of Proto-Germanic Roots - English -> Proto-Germanic
Wortschatz der Germanischen Spracheinheit - Fick, Falk & Torp (1909) [Sean Crist, Uni-Pennsylvania]

The Norse Language (language of the Vikings, almost) - grammar & language-learning resources for Old Norse [Peter Pettersson]
Old Norse for Beginners - free online course in Old Norse for beginners [Haukur ├×orgeirsson & ├ôskar Gu├░laugsson]
GR Burgess's Old Norse Page - good resources [Uni. of Miami (Florida)]
An Introduction to Gothic - language grammar and exercises [David Salo]
A Brief Collection of Old High German (& Links) - Althochdeutsch resources [Brian Zahn / Springfield Public Schools, Montana]

Proto-Germanic language - brief info page [Marisa Lohr]
A Brief Germanic Linguistics page [Brian Zahn / Springfield Public Schools, Montana]
North-Germanic to Western-Germanic References - mainly name correspondences between W. Germanic & Nordic [Hrodger Fr´┐Żjawin]
Germanic Numerals - development of the numeral-words in Germanic langs.
Lowlands-L - germanic languages of the low countries, e.g. Dutch, Frisian, Low Saxon
*Þeuðiskôn - the Proto-Germanic project

Great Vowel Shift [Melinda Menzer, Furman Uni.]
Syntax of Old English Poetry - position of heads in noun and prepositional phrase [S. Pintzuk, Uni.-York]

fuþorc & fuðark - Runic alphabets - excellent page at Omniglot.com
Some Thoughts on the Origin of the Fu├żark - [Stephen Pollington, Engliscan Gesi├żas page]
Die altenglischen Zauberspr├╝che - (auf deutsch [OE charms]) [Guillaume Schiltz, Uni-Basel]
Zauberspr├╝che aus dem Mittelalter - (auf deutsch, [charms of the Middle Ages]) [Guillaume Schiltz, Uni-Basel]
RuneScribe - convert roman into runic [Evert Mouw]
Runic Founts - links to runic founts [Engliscan Gesi├żas page]
Thundrune's Free Fonts page - listing of Runic & scribal-calligraphy founts
Arild Hauges Runes - great source of runic resources across the Germanic world (Norwegian & English) [Arild Hauge]
Futhark - resources on Germanic runes
Mál Viking - excellent online resource for Runic Old Swedish (English & modern Swedish versions) [Peter Pettersson]
Runes around the North Sea and on the Continent AD 150-700; texts & contexts - online book (in PDF format) [Jantina Helena Looijenga / Uni. Groningen]
Rune database
Runes - another page on Anglo-Saxon runes
Franks Casket - Dr. Alfred Becker's site w/ excellent images/info on the casket (English/deutsch)
An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions in the Younger Futhark - corpus of inscriptions [Judith Jesch, Uni. of Nottingham]
Rood & Ruthwell - Dr. A. Bruce's images & info of runic Ruthwell Cross [Florida Southern College]

Building Blocks of Old English Poetry - some basic notes on OE poetic structure [M. Wendy Hennequin, Uni. of Connecticut]
Glossary of Poetic Terms - guide for study of poetry, definition of term. [Robert G. Shubinski]
Accentual Verse - basic introduction to the verse-type of Beo. & other OE poems [Dana Gioia]
Bibliography of Germanic Alliterative Meters - Kari Ellen Gade & R.D. Fulk [W. Michigan Uni.]

York-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Old English Poetry -
  selection of OE poetic texts, annotated to facilitate searches on lexical items and syntactic structure [Uni.-York / S. Pintzuk]
York-Toronto-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Old English Prose -
  1.5 million word syntactically-annotated corpus of Old English prose texts [Uni.-York]
Dictionary of Old English Corpus
Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts

General Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Mediaeval resources

Trinity College Anglo-Saxon Index - Prof. S.D. Keynes' excellent site [Trinity College, Cambridge]
ORB : Anglo-Saxon England - Online Reference Book of Medieval Studies resource page [Rhodes College]

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists - founded in 1983 to further all aspects of Anglo-Saxon studies
Richard Rawlinson Center Anglo-Saxon & Manuscript Research -
    fosters teaching and research in the history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England and in the broader field of manuscript studies; online resources [Western Michigan Uni.]
Haskins Society -
    international scholarly organization dedicated to the study of Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, & early Angevin history [Cornell Uni.]

Anglo-Saxon links of The Heroic Age - A-S resources of the online journal The Heroic Age
TOEBI Internet Resources - Teachers of Old English in Britain & Ireland internet resource page [Oxford Uni.]
VoS Anglo-Saxon page - Voice of the Shuttle (VoS) A-S resources [Uni. of California, Santa Barbara]
Anglo-Saxon Sources [Medieval Studies] - resources & links [Stanford Uni.]
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
Anglo-Saxon Studies: a select bibliography [C.P. Biggam, BUBL]

ANSAX-l Database-
   the archives of the ANSAX listserver & guide to joining ANSAX-l [QE2 Lib., St. John's, Memorial Uni. of Newfoundland]
Gegaderung, forum þara engliscan gesiða -
  forum for Ða Englisc Gesiðas association & discussion of A-S related topics
The Boar's Helm Pub - Open Forum for discussion of Beowulf & related topics
Theudawurdò (Words of the Tribe) - Germanic-L for Discussion of the Early Germanic Peoples
Germanic History Clique - community of Germanic-related sites [Evert Mouw]
Wiðowinde periodical - journal of ða Englisc Gesiðas (some avail. online)
The Heroic Age - online journal of mediaeval northwestern Europe [Memorial Uni. of Newfoundland]
Maþeliende - online journal of A-S studies [Uni. of Georgia]
Dragons in the Sky - English communities at millennia-ends, ed. Prof. Patrick Conner, Dr. Stuart Lee [Oxford Uni.]
Ura Tide / Our Times - tracking Anglo-Saxon literature & culture in the mass media
Æstel - Journal of Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Uni.-Seattle, Washington
Envoi - journal, mainly reviews

The Digital Medievalist Project - community of practice for medievalists working with gigital media [Uni.-Lethbridge]

What Every Medievalist Should Know -
   great basic resource [James Marchand, Uni-Illinois Urbana-Champaign / the-ORB.net]
Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University -
    established in 1961 as a center of instruction and research in the history and culture of the Middle Ages
Medieval Academy of America - founded in 1925 Internet Resources for Medievalists [Columbia Uni.]
A Basic Bibliography in Medieval History [Columbia Uni.]
The Labyrinth: resources for medieval studies [Georgetown Uni.]
Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland and Brittany - [Michelle Ziegler]

Medieval Monsters, images - in the Wonders of the East and other mss. [Heather McAlpine, Uni. of W. Ontario]

Anglo-Saxon, Viking, & Germanic History & Culture

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  in Old English - MS A only, (Toby Jebson), [Georgetown Uni.]
  in New English translation - Rev. Ingram (1823), trans, (Douglas Killings, ed.) [Uni.-California, Berkeley]

Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (
Ecclesiastical History of the English People )
  in Latin - none available online
  in Old English translation - none available online
  in New English translation - (Alexander Pyle/Paul Halsall), [Fordham Uni.-NYC Jesuit Uni.]

Tacitus's Germania
  in Latin - (Brian Kleeman), [Uni. of Alabama-Huntsville]
  in New English translation - Church/Brodribb/Gordon, trans, (Paul Halsall), [Fordham Uni-NYC Jesuit U.]
  auf deutsche Übersetzung - [Nordische Zeitung] 

Snorre Sturluson's Heimskringla ( The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway)

  in Old Norse - none available online
  in New English translation - Samuel Laing, trans, (Douglas Killings, ed), [Uni.-California, Berkeley]

Saxo Grammaticus's Gesta Danorum (History of the Danes )
  in Latin - [Det Kongelige Biblotek (Danish Royal Library)]
  in New English translation - Oliver Elton, trans, (Douglas Killings, ed.), [Uni-California, Berkeley]

Ibn Fadlán's Risala (Arab chronicler's 10th-c. account of the Rús Northmen)
 in Arabic - none available online
 in New English translation - excerpts from Smyser's translation [Uni. of Washington]
 of related interest:
   The Naming of Russia - Viking Rús & the naming of Russia [H├ąkon Stang, Meddelelser nr. 77 (1996)]

Monumenta Germaniae Historica -
   die historischen Quellen des europ├Ąischen Mittelalters in kritischen Textausgaben herauszugeben und durch Untersuchungen zu erschlie├čen (auf deutsch)
Guide for Users of Monumenta Germaniae Historica (in English) [Columbia Uni.]

Sources of English Constitutional History - by F.G. Marcham [@ constitution.org]

The Germanic World - Prof. Ashliman's page of resources & links

Euroatlas -
   excellent political maps of Europe from 1 AD - 2000 AD [Christos N├╝ssli - Euratlas]
Maps of the Early Medieval Period (400-1300 A.D.) [Henry Davis Consulting]

Tidunge on Englisce - New Anglo-Saxon Chronicle -
   present-day news and events translated into Old English by A. Appleyard & various contributors [Anthony Appleyard & Michel van der Hoek]

Ða Engliscan Gesiþas - devoted to all aspects of the A-S period
Regia Anglorum - A-S, Viking, Norman, British  living history
- Anglo-Saxon living history 400-900 AD, (Ben Levick)
Anglo-Saxons.net - England c.450-1066 in a Nutshell (Sean Miller)
History of Anglo-Saxon England - very good page on A-S history, (William Bakken), [Minnesota State Uni.]
BBC Timeline - England, Saxons & Scandinavians (410-1065) - resources & information [BBC Online]
Medieval England (text) -
   complete book online, from fall of the Romans to War of the Roses [Steven Muhlberger / the-ORB.net]
Wuffing Kingdom of East Anglia - Dr Newton's page on the Wuffing royals of East Anglia
Mercian history page
5th century Anglia - way of life of the 5th-c. Anglian emigrants
The Heruls - detailed article on the mysterious East Germanic tribe (Troels Brandt) [English/Dansk]
F´┐Żrderverein der Langobardenwerkstatt - Zethlingen/Altmark e.V. - Langobards/Lombards (auf deutsch)
Germanen: Unterwegs zu h´┐Żherer Zivilisation - (auf deutsch) [Hermann Ament]
Folk Customs & Ancient Places in Mercia - info & photos on ancient Mercia, (Linda Hardy, Nic Broomhead)
English Place-Name Society - [University of Nottingham]

Anglo-Saxon Monarchs - on the official British Monarchy site
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data - database of the genealogy of the British Royal family [Brian Tompsett, Uni. of Hull]
Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms & King lists - very useful tabulated information [Kessler Associates/historyfiles.co.uk]

Wulfing genealogy: (Sam Newton)
   Wulfings' Who was Who - main index for Wuffing genealogies
   Section A: The Upper Reaches of the Wuffing Genealogy
   The House of Wuffa to the mid-eighth century
   A Regnal List of the Later East Anglian Kings

The Anglo-Saxon Calendar - information [Engliscan Gesi├żas page]

Historical Atlas of Europe - various maps and related resources
antique maps of Iceland

Reginheim - lots of resources on Germanic culture & history [Ansuzharjaz]
Ulfhednar Germanien - early Germanic re-enactment & cultural resources
Who Was Who in Roman Times: Germania - some useful bits of brief info
Bibliotheca Germanica - site focussing on history & culture in early Europe, esp. 'Germania' [Cornelia Lucilla]
Anglo-Saxon Culture: an online guide - brief essays on culture, religion, language, literature, etc. [Grad. Dept. of English, Uni. Toronto]

J´┐Żrmungrund - Old Icelandic literature, primarily Eddaic & Skaldic poetry
Medieval Scandinavia - history, images & more!
The Viking Network (Yngve Skråmm),
[Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education, Research & Church Affairs]
Viking Heritage - good resource page
Viking topics - very good Viking link page, (Lars Jansson), [Chalmers Uni. of Tech.]
The Viking Answer Lady - various articles on aspects of Viking culture
Viking Women - role & life of Viking women [Judith Jesch, BBC online]
Viking Gate

Fryslân Side - History of the Frisians
Lex Frisionum - Frisian book of law [Kees Nieuwenhuijsen]

Orkneyjar: heritage of the Orkney islands - history, folklore, etc.
West Stow Village - reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon village in St Edmunds Borough, Suffolk
Panoramic view of West Stow village - interactive page at BBC
Yeavering Bell - site of King Edwin's great hall (Northumberland)
Jorvik Viking Centre - reconstuction of a 10th-c. Viking village in York
Trelleborg Viking Fortress - museum & remains of a Viking fortress, West Zealand
Voss Hall (Norway) - images of wooden hall hall built 1250 ca.
Ghost Ship of the Wuffings - images & replicas [S. Newton]
Viking Replica Ships - a worldwide comprehensive list
British Columbia's Viking Ship project - building a replica of replica of the famous Gokstad Ship - images
Longship Company - replica Viking ships (Maryland, USA)
Ship-building Links
Viking Ship Museum - Oslo
Historiska Museet (The Museum of National Antiquities in Sweden)
Vitlycke Museum (Sweden)
Vinland: Vikings in America - Prof. D.L. Ashliman's site [Uni. of Pittsburgh]
Viking Gotland - Information about Viking in the Baltic island of Gotland
Gotland, Pearl of the Baltic - info/history on the Scandinavian island, including a Beowulf-connexion (Tore Gannholm)
Orkneyjar: the heritage of the orkney islands - comprehensive site

Sutton Hoo - Official site for Sutton Hoo, home of famous E. Anglian ship-burial
National Trust : Sutton Hoo - great site for students on the famous ship-burial site
      National Trust - SH treasures - images of the SH artefacts, some have rotable views
      National Trust - SH artefact burial, mound 1 - explore the original arrangemet of treasures
      National Trust - SH panorama - virtual tour of the SH burial ground
      National Trust - 'Mrs Pretty's Dream' - dramatisation of the discovery at Sutton Hoo 
British Museum - artefacts of Anglo-Saxon England - British Museum official site, good photos
British Museum - Viking artefacts - British Museum official site, good photos
East Anglian Archaeology - official site
Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History - official site
BRITARCH-l: British archaeology discussion list
Council for British Archaeology - online research reports
Current Archaeology - Timeline
Wuffings' Sutton Hoo - Dr. Newton's informative Sutton Hoo page - with great photos!
Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Links - [Uni. of Glasgow]
Anglo-Saxon Objects - Prof. S.D. Keynes' excellent page of A-S artefact images [Trinity, Cam. Uni.]
Old English Art & Artifacts - links to online images [C. Ball / Georgetown Uni.]
another Sutton Hoo page - images
Panoramic view of Sutton Hoo - interactive page at BBC
Franks Casket - Dr. Alfred Becker's site w/ excellent images/info on the casket (English/deutsch)
Rood & Ruthwell - Dr. A. Bruce's images & info of runic Ruthwell Cross [Florida Southern College]
Anglo-Saxon Pottery - images @ PotWeb [Ashmolean Museum, Oxford]
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture [in progress] - [@ Uni. of Durham]
Corpus of Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art
Burning the Viking Galley at Shetlands - Up Helly Aa festival, photos

Portable Antiquities Find Database - British Museum online database of archaelogical finds

Nordic Arts - importer of Anglo-Saxon, Viking & Scandinavian arts and crafts
The Viking Trader - various products; North American distributor of Danish museum reproduction jewellery (of Turm A/S)
Vikings and Saxons Artefacts & Coins - dealer in Anglo-Saxon and Viking period artefacts
Talbot's Fine Accessories - Anglo-Saxon/Viking real artefacts and replica jewellery

Weapons & Warfare
VikingSword.com - extensive info + photos of swords, incl. Anglo-Saxon/Germanic [Lee A. Jones]
      VikingSword - Mediaeval Sword Virtual Museum - from Germanic migration to Middle Ages
      VikingSword - Blade Patterns Intrinsic to Steel-Edged Weapons - including pattern-welding
      VikingSword - Serpent in the Sword: pattern-welding - online article [Lee A. Jones]
      VikingSword - Norwegian Viking Swords - J. Petesen/Kristin Noer (trans.) - online book
     From Rapier to Langsax: Sword Structure in the British Isles in the Bronze and Iron Ages -
         very good article on physical structure of swords, primarily in the British Isles [Niko Silvester, Vikingsword.com]

'Manor of Drengham' - Anglo-Saxon warfare & weaponry [@ Regia Anglorum]
Tour an Anglo-Saxon Sword - graphical 'tour' of an A-S sword [Inst. of Archaelogy, Oxford Uni.]

Steel, Metal-Working, Damascene techniques - Pages of Prof. H. F´┐Żll (highly recommended)
   Brief History of Steel
   A Cross-Linked Glossary of Some Terms from the History of Metal Working
   Damascene Technique in Metal Working - a personal remark
 [Chair of Allgemeine Materialwissenschaft [General Materials Science], Christian-Albrechts-University von Kiel: Prof. Dr. Helmut F´┐Żll]

The Road to Damascus: Sorting Modern Pattern Welding from Myth & Legend [Kevin R. Cashen / Swordforum.com]
Method of making Steel in the style of Damascus written in 1771 by Jean Jacques Perret -
 concerning 'mechanical damascus'=pattern-welding (English trans.)

Halvgrimr's Viking/PreViking Helm Presentation/Webpage - [Robb Schuster, Uni. of Missouri]
John Piscopo Swords - Swords & Bayonets, WWI back to the Bronze Age
The Oakeshott Institute - website on the research of the late sword-expert, Ewart Oakeshott

Norse Bog Iron production - obtaining iron in the Viking-age [@ hurstwic.org]
Archaeometallurgy, experimental bloomery iron making in Tranemo (Sweden) - Viking-age metallurgy

Academy of European Mediaeval Martial Arts
Journal of Western Martial Art

Battle of Maldon - many resources on the battle & its poem [Wilfrid Berridge]
Maldon images - photographs of Maldon [M. Hanly, Washington State Uni.]
the Battle of Maldon, 991AD - resources on the poem [AirFlow Design]
The Battle of Maldon - information on the poem [Arnie Sanders, Goucher College]
The Battle of Maldon (translation) [Jonathan Glenn, Uni. of Central Arkansas]
Notes on the Battle of Maldon [Jonathan Glenn, Uni. of Central Arkansas]
Wuffings East Anglia: Battle of Maldon [Sam Newton, Uni. of East Anglia]
CLIO: Battle of Maldon ('Imogen', Dickson College]
A Bibliography for Battle of Maldon [Wendy E. J. Collier, Uni. W. Michigan]

Forums (fora) for Anglo-Saxon/Germanic/Mediaeval Sword & Weaponry discussion
Sword Forum - blades from all the world, including mediaeval/germanic blades
Mediaeval European Swords Forum at vikingsword.com
Ancient Weapons forum
The Crucible - online forum about smithing

Norman Invasion:
Essential Norman Conquest - many interactive graphical resources on the history of the Norman Invasion
Conquest & Resistance: England 1066-1088 - English resistance to Norman invasion [Geoff Boxell]
Digital Bayeaux Tapestry Page - tells visual story of William I, Norman king at Battle of Hastings [Martin Kennedy Foys, Hood College]
What if Harold Won at Hastings? - somewhat humorous alternate history [Alison Brooks/David Flin]
Norman Invasion directory at Google/DMOZ.org - many links

Domesday Book Online - 'census' taken by William I of his new English holdings
Domesday Explorer Web Site - another page on Domesday books

Anglo-Saxon Religion

Anglo-Saxon Heathenism - very informative page on pre-Christian A-S religion
Angelseaxisce Ealdriht - page on modern A-S paganism
Geleafawær Fyrn Séde - (Fyrn Séde - 'Old Ways') covenant of A-S heathenry: forum & other resources
Nehalennia - page on this Germanic goddess
Germanic Goddesses - info on teutonic goddesses(Arlea Æðelwyrd Hunt-Anschütz) [Germanic Heritage pages]
Anglo-Saxon Pagan Resources
Irminen-Gesellschaft - Germanic paganism & resources
Nordic Magic Healing - runes, magic; includes discussion of ├×órsdrápa

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation - Eng. translation (P. Halsall), [Fordham Uni.-NYC Jesuit Uni.]
Bede.net - Venerable Bede resource page (Dr. Stephen Harris, Dr. Scott DeGregorio)
Bede web-links
Bede's Explanation of the Apocalypse of John Latin & (modern) English text
  [John William Houghton, Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge] The discovery of Anglo-Saxon churches - images & info [The Ecclesiological Society]

Anglo-Saxon Church Links
- Dave Beard's (MA) page of A-S church links
Ecclesiology - A Short Course on the Medieval Church [Yuri Koszarycz, the-ORB.net]
English local history links/image (churches) - images of some A-S churches [Dave Postles, Uni. of Leicester]
Anglo-Saxon Monasticism - Dr. Deborah Vess's page [Georgia College & State Uni.]
Umilta/Godfriends' Pages - mediaeval anchoresses, faith, handcrafts + more (Prof. Julia Bolton Holloway, H.F.)
Apocalyptic Ideas in Old English Literature - Carolin Esser's apocalypse page, lit. & images [Heinrich-Heine-Uni.]
'Beowulf, Apocalypse & Iconography' - apocalyptic ideas in Beo. [Zacharias Thundy, Northern Michigan Uni.]
Visio Pauli - OE Vision of St.Paul, trans. D. Donoghue
The Cross in Anglo-Saxon England - Dr. Karen Jolly, [Uni. of Hawai'i, Manoa]
Rood & Ruthwell - Dr. A. Bruce's images & info of runic Ruthwell Cross [Florida Southern College]

Project Wulfila - electronic edition of Wulfila's bible, with Gothic text & translation [Tom De Herdt, Uni-Antwerp]

Orthodox England - English Orthodox Church information
England - Christian Heritage Links
New Testament Apocrypha - texts & resources online [comparative-religion.com]
Ethiopic Apocalypse of Enoch (Enoch I) - brief intro to this OT apocryphic text by Derek A. Olsen
Lord's Prayer in Old English - Matthew 6:9-13, with audio reading [C. Ball, Georgetown Uni.]
Lord's Prayer read in 3 OE dialects - S. Pollington reads in Mercian, Northumbrian & West-Saxon
Lord's Prayer in various Germanic Languages [C. Ball, Georgetown Uni.]
Polyglot Bible - entire Gospel of Luke in 30 languages, including OE [M. Davies, Brigham Young Uni.]

Mediaeval Manuscript Production

Old English Manuscripts Database [John Herrington, Georgetown Uni.]
Corpus of Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art
Threo Gid - the art project of the hand-made book - recreation of OE mss.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University -
   Fantastic Site! digital facsimiles of complete mss., including the Julius MS [Oxford Uni.]

Digital Library - Cambridge University Library
British Library's Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
Bodleian Library: images of Western manuscripts to c.1500 - online images of mss. [Bodleian Lib., Oxford Uni.]

Online Images of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts [Carl T. Berkhout / Uni. of Arizona]
Anglo-Saxon folio images
Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image - [Uni of Pennsylvania Library]
DScriptorium - devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digital images of Medieval manuscripts [Jesse D. Hurlbut, Brigham Young Uni.]
Digital Scriptorium (Berkeley) - an image database of dated & datable mediaeval & renaissance manuscripts [Uni-California, Berkeley]
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library [Saint John's University, Minnesota]
Paging Through Medieval Lives: Illumination and Calligraphy From Selected Collections [Elizabeth Peterson, Uni. of Utah]
National Archives [Kew, Surrey]

Lindisfarne Gospels .org - resources & links
Diocese of Durham: Lindisfarne Gospels page - images, etc.
Lindisfarne Gospels - brief info [British Library]
Lindisfarne Gospels Tour [British Library]
Aberdeen Bestiary Online [Aberdeen Uni.]
Illuminierte Handschriften aus ´┐Żsterreich (ca. 780 - ca. 1250) (auf deutsch) [Friedrich Simader, Uni.-Wien]
Book of Kells [Trinity College Library (Dublin)]
St. John's Bible Project - producing a modern-day illuminated Bible [St. John's Uni., Minnesota]

Edward Johnston Foundation
Ductus - an online course in paleography - [Uni. of Melbourne]
Mediaeval Paleography - online resources for an M.A. course [Dave Postles, Uni. of Leicester]
Bob Peckham's list of Paleography and MSS URLs links to online resources [Uni-Washington]
Paleography & Codicology: Introductory Bibliography [Martin Irvine, Georgetown Uni./Labyrinth]

Medieval Writing - history, heritage & data source - extensive resource (Dr. Dianne Tillotson)
Mediaeval Book Prodution
- parchment, paper, ink, ruling, pigments, binding & more [Central European Uni.]
Medieval and Renaissance Book Production - Richard Clement [ORB, Rhodes College]
About Medieval Manuscripts - focus on illuminated mss [Paulus Swaen, Old Maps & Prints]

Old English Libraries: the Making, Collection, & Use of Books -
   by Ernest A. Savage, free online book [@ bookrags.com]

Centre for the History of the Book - at Edinburgh Uni.

Map of Carolingian Writing Centres [Uni. of Pennsylvania]

Guild of Book-Workers [Stanford Uni., Calif.]

Thundrune's Free Fonts page - listing of Runic & scribal-calligraphy founts

Gall Ink - characteristics and preparation of gall inks ['Maison de Nevelle']
British Plant Gall Society - info on 'galls', used in ink production
Iron Gall Ink Corrosion Website - [European Comm. of Preservation & Access, Amsterdam]

Anglo-Saxon Leisure, Food, Drink, Medicine & Science

Anglo-Saxon Cookery - Anglo-Saxon recipes (quite tasty actually!) [Carnegie Mellon Uni.]

Got Mead? *The* site for mead information - Gotmead.com is the largest collection of information about mead on the internet. Recipes, articles, sources for supplies and commercial mead, and much more...
How to Make a Mead-Horn - good tutorial [Wiðowinde, Karl Wittwer]
Talisman Farm Mead - great page - mead faq, mead listserver
Intro to Mead Making - basic info, (Arlea Æðelwyrd Hunt-Anschütz) [Germanic Heritage pages]
An Analysis of Mead - scholarly paper on mead-making & the properties of mead (D. McConnell & K. Schramm)
The Meadery - more mead resources
Mead Made Complicated - M. Bouville's page on mead-making [Uni. of Michigan]
L'hydre au miel - M. Bouville (en français)
Hydromel.com - hydromel/mead (en français)
Honeywine.com - more mead stuff
Mead HQ - online mead magazine
Herstellung von Met (Honigwein) - (auf deutsch)
Honigwein - Wein für Ihre Vinothek - (auf deutsch)

Anglo-Saxon Herb & Wort Lore - alphabetical listings [Ealdriht.org]

Medieval Science Page - medieval science, both in western & other cultures [James McNelis]

Study of Language in Anglo-Saxon era - brief online report on A-S research in 'linguistics', Sarah Crellin [Uni.-Toronto]

Tæfl - Northern Board Game - fascinating chess-like A-S/Viking board-game [B. Slade]
Some Exeter Book Riddles - trans, L.A. Hood
[Germanic Heritage pages]

The Anglo-Saxon Hearpe - good online article on A-S lyre/harp [Wiðowinde, Peter C. Horn]
Simon's Anglo-Saxon Music Page - info on A-S music & instruments
Hexachords, solmization, & musica ficta - music theory for 6-string lyre & other early instruments
Theod Harps - germanic harps for sale
The Saxon Lyre - history, how-to-make, technique (Greg & Carolyn Priest-Dorman) [Vasser Uni.]

The Aurochs - great (extinct) bulls of Northern Europe [Steve's Hodge-Page]
Wild Boar in Britain - after 300 years, wild boar once more in UK, lots of info

Grendel's Cave: legend of Beowulf - some sort of online game

Mythology, Epic, Misc.

Encylopedia Mythica - online encyl. for myth, legend, folklore, etc.
Legends.dm.net - balladry, fiction & film : Robin Hood, King Arthur, D'Artagnan & more
Nemorensis.net - anthropology of mythology
Georges Dum´┐Żzil discussion group - on comparative Indo-European mythology
Indo-European Documentation Centre - many IE resources [Uni. of Texas-Austin]
Journal of Indo-European Studies
Joseph Campbell Foundation - centred on the works of the comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell
Mythic Crossroads - links to legend & mythology sites
Reviews of Epic Literature - [Jeremy M. Downes / Auburn Uni.]
Serbian Epic Poetry - continuing oral tradition of the Balkans; Kosovo cycle [Mark Lew]
Monomyth Website - themes of epic, analysis of Ramayana, Sunjata, Yamato [UC Berkeley]

Dragon Stories -- An Annotated List
Dragons in Art and on the Web
Sommerland - dragon artwork, information & rpg

Online Bibliography of Old Germanic Metre - [Robert Fulk, W. Michigan Uni.]

Oral Traditions - journal/info on oral-traditional poetry